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What is the over/under bet? Basic concepts to know when betting

In the vibrant world of reputable bookmakers, the concept of "over/under bet" seems to have become an indispensable type of wager in matches. If you're new to the game and seeking the answer to "what is the over/under bet?", then you've come to the right place. Let's explore the concept and some fresh information latest football tips about over/under betting in this article.

What is the over/under bet?

Over/under betting in football wagering is a type of bet predicting the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match, whether it will result in over or under. Bookmakers provide a carefully analyzed value, and bettors base their wagers on that value. This type of bet is also known among betting enthusiasts as a "total goals" bet.

If you predict that the total points in the match will be higher than the number set by the bookmaker, you bet on Over. Conversely, if you predict it will be lower than the bookmaker's stated result, you bet on Under. There are three possible outcomes in this type of bet. So, what are the three possibilities in the over/under bet?

Over bet wins: All bets placed on Over win if the actual result surpasses the set value.

Under bet wins: Bettors who predicted a result lower than the bookmaker's value win their bets.

Draw result: If the actual total points match the over/under value set by the bookmaker, all bets are refunded.

Illustrative example for understanding the over/under bet

Suppose the bookmaker predicts the final goal tally (total goals scored) for the match between Jamaica and Brazil to be 3. After studying both teams' situations and feeling that the match will likely not have too many goals, you decide to bet on Under in football betting, meaning you believe the number of goals will be less than 3.

After the match ends:

If Jamaica and Brazil score a total of fewer than 3 goals (1-1 or 0-2), you win the bet.

If the total goals scored in the match are 4 (2-2 or 3-1), you lose the bet.

And if the total points scored match exactly with the 3 set, meaning there are 3 goals scored (2-1 or 1-2), the bet is considered a "push," and you receive a full refund of your wager.

What are the odds for the over/under bet?

Half-ball over/under odds

These odds usually occur in either the first or second half of the match. We can assess the outcome of a half with these over/under odds as follows:

If there are 2 or more goals in the half, Over wins.

If there are no goals or only one goal scored in total, the Under bet wins.

Over/Under 1 3/4 or 1.75

The odds for this over/under bet result in the following outcomes:

If the total goals scored in the match are three or more, Over wins; if it's exactly 2, Over wins half.

If there is one goal scored or none, the Under bet wins; if it's two, the Under bet wins half.

Over/Under 1/1.5 odds

With 1/1.5 odds, the results correspond to the over/under bet as follows:

If the total goals scored surpass 2, those who chose Over win, while Under loses the bet.

If the total goals scored do not reach 1, Over loses, and Under wins.

In the case of exactly 1 goal scored, choosing Over loses half of the wager, while choosing Under wins half.

Over/Under 3/2 odds

With 3/2 odds, if the total goals scored surpass 2, choosing Over wins, while Under loses. If the total goals scored do not surpass 1, choosing Over loses, and Under wins.

Over/Under 1.5/2 odds

With 1.5/2 odds in the over/under bet, if the total goals scored surpass 3, choosing Over wins, while Under loses. If there are no goals scored, choosing Over loses, and Under wins. If exactly 2 goals are scored, choosing Over wins half of the wager, while choosing Under wins half.

These are the fundamentals of the over/under bet and the various odds associated with it.

Experience playing soccer odds increases winning rates

Whether to play Over/Under odds depends on many factors. Here are some points to consider when deciding to play Over/Under odds:

Detailed understanding dark web betting tips app of the teams and the match

To make a decision on playing Over/Under odds, you need to have a good grasp of information about the two competing teams, their positions in the bookmakers' statistics, especially the differences in playing styles, team strength, and recent performance. This will help you predict the likelihood of goals scored in the Over/Under betting.

Conduct statistical analysis and gather data on match history

Furthermore, researching statistics and data on previous matches between the two teams can also help you better understand each team's chances of scoring points. This can assist you in predicting whether the match will have many or few goals.

Observe changes in the odds ratio

Monitoring changes in the odds ratio before the match and during the match of the Over/Under odds is crucial. If the odds ratio suddenly increases significantly, it may indicate significant changes in the bookmakers' or players' predictions.

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Over/Under odds are one of the most popular types of bets in today's soccer betting world due to its excitement and high profit potential it offers. By understanding what Over/Under odds are and how to interpret its odds ratios, you can confidently engage in betting and achieve victory. Always stay informed, apply appropriate strategies, and seize opportunities to have the best betting experiences.




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